Velta is a leading producer of high-grade titanium feedstock.

We produce two grades of ilmenite that are well-suited for the metal and chemical sectors. 

This unique resource plays a key role in our vertical integration and cost-effective manufacturing of titanium goods.


years of growth


of the global titanium

feedstock market


of feedstock is exported worldwide, including Chemours (DuPont), Precheza and Traxys


jobs created in small communities


patent for cost-efficient titanium production


R&D Investment in 3 years

Velta is the first company in the world to build a vertically integrated titanium-production system, based on its own innovative technology.

Strong, lightweight, heat resistant, and fully biocompatible, titanium has already been established as the metal of the future and technological innovation. Titanium is a young metal, only made commercially viable in the 1940s. Its production traditionally has required the energy-consuming, costly, and low-output Kroll process. It involves the creation of a large amount of chemical waste, including CO2, and the use of chlorine, which only contributes to the globe’s environmental challenges.

Andriy Brodskyy, CEO and majority shareholder, saw this vulnerability as an immense opportunity to change the entire metals industry.

Brodskyy, who has more than ten years of experience in the mining of titanium feedstock and its global distribution, hired the best scientific experts in metallurgy and chemistry to launch an R&D facility to completely rethink the way titanium is produced.

In 3 years of research the scientists of the research center have developed, improved and patented an absolutely new method of titanium metal alloys production. 

Velta Ti Proccess is less energy-consuming, has fewer production steps and zero waste, and due to the production of expensive sub-products, the cost of titanium is reduced by a factor of four or three.

Feedstock base

Velta’s Birzulivske and Likarivske ilmenite deposits are among the few in Europe containing up to 60 percent of titanium-rich material TiO2.

Located in the center of Europe, we can reliably deliver titanium feedstock shipments by sea and by rail to customers anywhere in the world.

In total, our deposits contain up to 6 million tons of ilmenite ore, as of January 2021.

Research labs

Velta RD Titan, our Dnipro-based joint venture lab, was launched in 2017 and spent three years of research perfecting Velta’s new titanium production process. It obtained the domestic patent for the Velta Ti Process™.

It took our R&D scientists three years and $3 million in investments to develop a new process for obtaining affordable titanium based on advanced scientific knowledge.

Our patented, zero-waste process decreased titanium production costs fourfold. With it, titanium will be used in the production of all metal goods as an affordable and high-performing alternative to stainless steel and aluminum.

Full vertical integration of the company in the industrial mode of operation consists of three areas:


Producing and enriching ilmenite at the in-house mining company.


Use of the obtained ilmenite for the production of titanium powder in the laboratory Velta RD Titan.


Use of proprietary metal powder for the production of titanium end products at the Velta Titanium Research Center
Metal by rolling, pressing and 3D-drugging methods.

Velta Ti Process™ produces titanium faster, with substantially lower energy consumption, while eliminating toxic wastes and emissions.

Corporate Structure

All Velta assets are managed under Velta Holdings, USA.