Our priorities

Infrastructure development, construction of family space;
STEM awareness;
Charitable support for sick children through the Charity Exchange “Dobrodiy”;
Support for talented children;
Assistance to the combatants of the Defense Forces (ATO), support of the Armed Forces of Ukraine at the frontline and injured;
Assistance to unprotected groups of population – people of poor age and veterans of WWII.
protecting the environment
Chemicals-free production

Velta’s standard approach to the processing of titanium ores allows for highly-efficient production without the use of chemical additives.

Water resources

The protection of reservoirs in the Kirovograd region is our key priority. Velta uses water in a closed cycle, which significantly reduces consumption and eliminates runoff of wastewater into rivers and lakes. 

Soil re-cultivation

Velta plans to re-cultivate and restore soil with subsequent planting of new vegetation at the depleted pits.  

No radioactive materials

Our products do not contain radioactive materials. The sites are carefully monitored to detect any naturally occurring radioactive material often found in minerals. 

Environmental discharge

Velta cares about the quality of air and water. Our current performance limits discharge to more than half of the amount allowed by existing environmental regulations.

Eco-friendly approach

We invest in every possible technology solution to conduct business sustainably. Titanium itself is environmentally friendly, and as we continue to grow into manufacturing, we will integrate new technologies and production techniques that reduce CO2 emissions, reduce energy consumption, and eliminate waste in production. For example, a titanium aerospace bracket printed on a 3D printer would reduce CO2 emissions by 40% compared to the traditional production technology (Airbus).

Velta started with a commitment to be a good citizen in the community and a responsible steward of the environment.
As such, we designed a quarry with a specific plan for restoring the natural state of the land after the work is completed. We are committed to partnering with local communities and investing in their future.
Supporting the local communities

Since 2011:

Velta supports health care, education, sports and care for seniors to improve the quality of life in the Kirovohrad region.

Our social commitment is twofold: to create family spaces in the city of Novomirgorod and introduce STEM education for the community.

Project “PARK”

From 2017 to the present day

Amount of investments – over 7 mln. uah

For the first time in Ukraine, geoplasty – piece-by-piece change of relief – has been done.
Over 2000 varieties of ornamental plants and 2.5 hectares of lawn were planted.
Rollerdrome, two fountains and a children’s playground.
Free high-speed Wi-Fi is installed.
In 2019, the park reconstruction project received a nomination in the international competition European Award.
“Velta” has taken over the care of the park territory.

Project “AREA”


The amount of investment is over 1 mln. uah.

This is the first time in over 30 years that the cover has been reconstructed.

The fountain is renewed.

The square has become a meeting place for citizens of the city, the key location for celebrations, where Viktor Pavlik, Skryabin, Erika, SoloHa, Vitaly Kozlovsky and groups Kazka, Kadnay, TIK have already played.


2014 – 2019

Velta renovated the children’s and shelter departments of the central district hospital in Novomirgorod.

Project “STEM Education”

2017 – 2019 


“Science Week” is one of Velti’s key educational programmes. At the time of entry, the children learn the exact sciences in a game form, but in real practice.

In 3 years we have purchased 350 units of equipment and consumables for chemical, physical and biological studies.

After the Science Week, the equipment will be transferred to schools in Novomirgorod for further use.

The total number of participants increased from 300 to 1200 people: they come to us from Kropyvnytsky!

Velti’s local partners from the Department of Education, Youth and Sports of the Novomirgodsk RDA have been sharing their experience with teachers from all over the region for several years.

Assistance to the unprotected groups of the population

It is the duty of “VELTA” to support those who most of all need attention – children and the elderly.
On St. Nicholas Day the company welcomes children from kindergartens of Novomirgorod with malted gifts, and visits veterans, disabled veterans of the Second World War and their survivors on the Day of Victory – February 9.

Emergency aid for sick children

From 2015 to the present day


Throughout all the work of the company “VELTA” actively cooperates with the Charity Fund “Charity Exchange “Dobrodiy”.

During the cooperation period, “VELTA” donated more than 4 million hryvnias to the Fund, which helped 237 children with cancer, cerebral palsy and other serious illnesses.


The amount of investment is 2.5 mln. uah

2012 – 2019 

“Velta” became a driver of basketball development in the Kirovograd region, reconstructing the sports arena for rhythmic games in the region.
The company became the general sponsor of BC “Kirovograd” and even led the team to the Super League 2013/2014.
“Velta” supports young local talents who want to take part in national and international competitions in Greco-Roman wrestling, ballroom dancing and others.
Summer residents of Novomirgorod, who visit the gym at the Territorial Center for Social Services, received equipment for active leisure: Nordic Walking poles, soccer and volleyball balls, and floorball.