Velta has built the first titanium mining and processing complex from scratch since the independence of Ukraine based on the Birzulivske deposit of ilmenite ore.
1 205 000 tons of unique high-grade titanium feedstock was mined, processed and delivered to the clients since 2012 at the plant.
Titanium feedstock mining plays a key role in our vertical integration and scientific breakthrough.
year of the foundation
years of intensive growth
of titanium feedstock market share
of feedstock is exported worldwide: our key clients are Chemours (DuPont), Precheza and Traxys
Velta’s Birzulivske and Likarivske ilmenite deposits are located in the center of Europe in the Novomyrhorod region of the Kirovohrad region.
In total, our deposits contain up to 6 million tons of ilmenite ore, as of January 2021.
Velta is one of only a few fully private producers of titanium feedstock in Europe and manages reserves of up to 6 million tons of feedstock as of January 2021.
We use large ilmenite deposits from the Kirovograd region in central Ukraine and began commercial shipments of titanium feedstock in early 2012.
Our location, along with access to advanced transportation and storage facilities, enables us to deliver products globally.
Our Birzulivske deposit currently contains 3 million tons of high-quality ilmenite.
The unique characteristics of this resource have allowed us to separate the ilmenite concentrate into two product grades, which differ in the content of the main components, such as TіO2, FeО and Fe2О3. Thus our product can be used to produce titanium dioxide by both the sulfate and chloride processes, as well as to get slag and synthetic rutile. The current capacity of the Birzulivske mining and processing plant is up to 270 thousand tons of ilmenite concentrate per year.
The Likarivske ilmenite deposit adds 2.6 million tons of titanium feedstock to Velta resource base.
With all geological exploration complete and the final design of the mining and processing plant done, the Likarivske will significantly increase production.
$35 million investment will add 120 thousand tons of annual ilmenite concentrate production.
Stages of the Velta process:
Removal of impurities from ore sands in a hydrocyclone.
Separation of quartz sand and rough ilmenite in gravity separators.
Bringing ilmenite concentrate to the stage of finished product on roller magnetic separators.
Quality control at every stage
Regular sampling of ilmenite concentrate at the stage of ore enrichment.
Regular sampling of ilmenite concentrate during loading to storage or before it’s shipped to customers.
Independent testing of ilmenite concentrate by the SGS laboratory when loading and shipping to customers.
Regular testing of finished products in the company’s own laboratory.
Use of chemical and X-ray methods to confirm the content of TiO2 and timely detection of undesirable impurities.
Velta is an export-oriented company, and therefore transport logistics have been designed to meet the needs of each client.
We have direct railway access to the modern seaport facilities from our location in central Ukraine. We have developed our own approach to the warehousing and storage of feedstock in the port, which allows us to avoid excess moisture and unwanted objects in the load when shipping products by sea.
Chief Executive Officer
Andriy Brodskyy
Mr. Brodskyy is the Founder and CEO of Velta LLC. He has over 15 years of senior management experience in the titanium industry. In that time, he initiated the record-breaking construction of a titanium feedstock mining and processing plant in a green field and opened two successful R&D centers.
He has background in metal production and distribution, having managed and developed an extensive system of marketing and trading in many countries, such as the Netherlands, Israel, Turkey, Russia, Uzbekistan, etc.
He graduated from Dnipropetrovsk National Mining University majoring in Beneficiation of Mineral Resources and also has a degree in Minerals Separation.
Chief Financial Officer
Ivan Kapustin, MBA
Mr. Kapustin has 10 years’ work experience with Velta’s team and was appointed as Financial Director in 2017.
He holds a Master’s degree in Information Management Systems and Technologies from Dnipropetrovsk National University; a Master’s in Finance from Dnipropetrovsk National Mining Academy; and an Executive MBA (EMBA) from EuroMBA program at HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management, EADA Business School Barcelona, Aix-Marseille Graduate School of Management – IAE, School of Business and Economics of Maastricht University, Kozminski University, and Audencia Business School Nantes.
General Counsel
Victoria Petrenko
Mrs. Petrenko has over 17 years of legal practice experience.
In her work, she focuses on commercial, corporate and civil law, investments and the use of subsoil resources, competition, customs and labor law, construction and real estate, intellectual property (including copyright and patents), and litigation with a particular emphasis on commercial and administrative disputes.
She is a licensed Master of Laws and attorney, currently enrolled in an MBA course.
Commercial Director
Noshrevan Rurua
Mr. Rurua has 12 years of experience in the titanium industry. He started his career in sales of rolled metal products in 1992 and grew professionally from a frontline employee to a co-founder of his own company.
From 1997 to 2001, he was engaged in developing distribution channels for the mineral water brand Borjomi and served as a Chief Commercial Officer. Prior to joining Velta, Mr. Rurua served as CCO in a company engaged in production and sales of non-standard packages designed for machine-building plants.
Mr. Rurua graduated with honors from Tbilisi State University with a degree in political economy.
Public Affairs Manager
Anna Kapustina
Ms. Kapustina joined Velta in 2010 and has 10 years of experience in titanium industry. She is head of the media holding Media Dostup, which includes the Kirovohrad news site Tochka Dostupa and regional newspaper Novomirgorodski Visti.
Before joining Velta, she worked from 2006 to 2009 as a program manager at the TV channel IPT and in 2009 as a journalist at the regional newspaper Visti Prydniproviya (The Dnipro Area News).
She holds a degree in Journalism from Dnipropetrovsk State University and has completed multiple training courses, including Interfax’s press-secretary course, courses in Project Management for Creative Teams from the Kievo-Mogila Business School, and an Internet Marketing course from the Shag Computer Academy.