07 February, 2022

» Official Notification on the Advisory Board establishment and the business areas division

Velta LLC reports that on October 13 its Velta U.S. Inc. parent company has established the Advisory Board. Also, the company carries out the division of mining and innovative businesses. 


Matthew Murray has agreed to join Velta U.S. Inc. in the role of the first Advisory Board Member. He supervises the development of the company’s strategic vision and partnership in the U.S. market. 


“I’m proud of being appointed as the first Member of the Advisory Board, and I’m glad of having the opportunity to cooperate with Velta aimed at strengthening the economic relations between Ukraine and the U.S. in the sphere of critically important titanium industry”, he commented. 

Mr. Murray is currently a managing partner of Sovereign Ventures LLC, an American consulting company working with entrepreneurs in science, technology, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, etc., to create ethical enterprises and technological innovations to address critical public policy challenges.


During 2012-2017, he worked in the Obama administration as Deputy Assistant Minister of Trade for Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Also, he was a Senior Advisor on Governance and the Rule of Law at the Agency for International Development.


Moreover, Velta announces the division of mining and innovative businesses. 


Ukrainian company Velta LLC, part of the Velta U.S. Inc holding, will continue to operate solely in the mining sector. The company owns Birzulivskе and Likarivskе deposits of ilmenite ores.


Whereas TitanEra Inc holding (USA) has incorporated into its structure high-tech business facilities Velta RD Titan LLC, science & research labarotory and TitanEra LLC that began construction of the world’s first pilot plant for the production of titanium powder and final products.


The CEO of both holdings is Andrii Brodsky. Velta remains the supplier of titanium feedstock for TitanEra, which allows for full vertical integration within holdings.

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