06 June, 2022

» Ukrainian Titanium Institute audit report on Velta Ti Process

Ukrainian Titanium Institute has carried out an audit of Velta Ti Process – an innovative technology for the production of titanium powders and its alloys by VELTA RD TITAN LLC. JSC INSTITUTE OF TITANIUM is the only comprehensive research and design organization in Europe in the field of titanium and magnesium production, primary nonferrous metallurgy.

It issued the report in 2022.

The research results prove that the application of the proposed technology and equipment, after completion of all tests and implementation of basic technological solutions, compared to all other technologies for the production of titanium powder used in the world, will provide the following benefits:

  • the highest level of titanium extraction from raw materials;
  • reliability and stability of results;
  • guaranteed security;
  • lower capital costs;
  • lower operating costs;
  • increased economic effect;
  • reduced impact on the environment;
  • reduced carbon footprint.

The Report is here Velta Ti Process-Titanium Institute Report (ed)

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