07 February, 2022

» Velta increases its presence in the North American market

In January, Velta U.S. Inc held a meeting of the Advisory Board formed in October 2021 to discuss further expanding the company’s presence in the U.S. market, taking into account the overview of signed contracts for 2022.


“I’m glad to announce that efforts of the newly founded Board have already brought tangible results. This year, the company will increase its supplies of ilmenite concentrate to the U.S. by 15-23%. This process is also encouraged by the shortage of high-titanium raw materials in the North American market, which Velta is able to fully cover. I believe that this is only the beginning, and the company has great growth prospects, especially in the U.S. market,” commented Matthew Murray, a Member of the Advisory Board of Velta U.S. Inc. Matthew Murray is the Former Deputy Assistant Minister of Trade for Europe, the Middle East and Africa.


During the meeting, Andrii Brodsky, Velta CEO expressed his support for the recently adopted Article 6505 of the Defense Authorization Act, which requires the U.S. Department of State to provide a report on the U.S. and Ukraine cooperation aimed at reducing U.S. dependence on titanium supplies from China and Russia, including by increasing supplies from Ukraine. 


“Velta is ready to get involved into the process of developing mechanisms for cooperation between the United States and Ukraine regarding the titanium supply and processing, as well as provide any necessary information and data for the U.S. Department of State report on the creation of new supply chains in the United States,” stated Andrii Brodsky. 


The positive trends in cooperation between Velta and American partners can become catalysts for the expansion of the existing mining complex and the launch of the Lekarevsky asset.

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