17 July, 2023

» Velta Partners with EAS Advisors LLC to Secure Funding for Titanium Plant Construction in the U.S.

Velta Holding US, Inc. is pleased to announce the signing of an agreement with EAS Advisors LLC, a private New York-based boutique corporate advisory firm. The aim of the cooperation is to secure the necessary funding for the construction of Velta’s proposed titanium alloy powder plant, based on Ukrainian green technology, in the United States.

“We believe that this partnership is perfectly aligned with the company’s strategic vision and its vertical integration plans. The construction of the new plant will strengthen the US titanium market position and will help catalyze technological development and make long-lasting contributions to the defense and aerospace sectors”, says Andriy Brodsky, Velta chief executive. 

It is proposed that the titanium production plant will operate based on Velta Ti Process, Velta’s own patented revolutionary technology for obtaining titanium metal powder with a low carbon footprint. The project is planned to consist of three stages, with the first stage aimed at constructing a plant with a production capacity of 1000 tons of titanium powder for the growing market of additive technologies, increasing to 5,000 tons of titanium powder in the second stage and moving to 10,000 tons of titanium powder in the third stage.  

“Our decision to partner with Velta was driven by our track record in securing financing for companies operating predominantly in the natural resource and commodity sectors. We recognize the growing demand for titanium and the need for the US to secure a reliable US-based supply.”, said Edward Sugar, Principal at EAS Advisors LLC

EAS Advisors has participated in over $6.5 billion of transactions since their inception in 2008. One of their most recent successful transactions involved an $80m term loan to nickel-zinc battery producer ZincFive, Inc by a large New York-based infrastructure fund to fuel ZincFive’s global commercial adoption in existing and new markets.  


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